Empowering Game Developers and Publishers: Introducing the Creator’s & Publisher’s Fee on ORB

Unleashing New Revenue Streams for Game Developers

As a game developer, have you ever dreamt of earning continuously from your creations, even long after the initial sale? ORB’s latest feature, the “Creator’s Fee,” turns this dream into reality. It’s a simple yet powerful concept: set a percentage as your Creator’s Fee when you design NFTs or Collectibles on the ORB platform. This fee becomes your royalty, a consistent source of income every time your creation finds a new owner.

Imagine this: Your digital collectible, a unique character or a rare item, keeps changing hands in the virtual world. With each transaction, a part of the sale price automatically finds its way into your wallet. It’s not just a one-time profit; it’s an ongoing income stream that rewards your creativity and effort continuously.

Maintaining Trust and Collaboration with Publishers

For those in collaboration with publishing companies, ORB introduces the “Publisher Fee.” This feature complements the Creator’s Fee, allowing game developers to share a slice of their success with their publishing partners. Set a portion of the sales to automatically transfer to the publisher’s wallet, maintaining the trusted financial model you’re already comfortable with.

This mechanism isn’t just about sharing profits; it’s about fostering a healthy, collaborative ecosystem where both creators and publishers thrive together. It recognizes the value of partnerships in the gaming world, ensuring that both parties benefit fairly from the success of the game.

Seamless Integration and Absolute Transparency

Here’s the best part: these fees aren’t an afterthought. They’re woven into the very fabric of your NFT or collectible at the creation stage. This integration means absolute transparency in how sales percentages are distributed. Everyone involved – creators, publishers, and buyers – can clearly see who gets what. No hidden clauses, no surprises.

The Choice is Yours

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the Creator’s & Publisher’s Fee feature on ORB is entirely optional. You have complete freedom to decide whether or not to include these fees. Want to stick to the traditional sales model? Go right ahead. Prefer to explore this new avenue of recurring revenue? The path is clear.

In Your Hands

At ORB, we’re not just building a platform; we’re nurturing a community where each member has the power to shape their financial journey. Whether you’re a solo developer crafting indie games or part of a larger team working with big publishing houses, the choice of how you monetize your creativity is entirely in your hands.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the Creator’s & Publisher’s Fee is just the beginning. We’re committed to innovating and providing tools that empower you, the game developers and publishers, to succeed and flourish in the digital realm.

The Creator’s and Publisher’s Fees have been discussed in one of our podcast appearances:
You can listen to it here.

Join us on this exciting journey. Your creativity, your rules, your success – all on the ORB platform.