ORB in 2023: A Look Back

As we approach the end of a transformative year, we are so moved to reflect on the journey of our ORB3 platform. Here’s a glimpse into our key achievements and our vision for an even more exciting 2024!

🌟 Major Milestones in 2023:

Overall 2023 was a year in which we were focused on developing and we did manage to achieve a lot of progress on that front.

From Concept to Reality: Our journey from initial sketches to the active development of the ORB3 platform and marketplace has been nothing short of inspiring. We’re on the brink of launching it to the world which is something we have all been waiting for.

Finalizing ORB3 API: A significant leap forward! We successfully finalized the ORB3 API, ready to empower our early adopters. This has been a huge step in our journey. If you are a game developer who wants to jump into the Web3 world, this one’s for you!

Our First Adopter – The Six Dragons: Witnessing ORB’s potential come to life with The Six Dragons was a groundbreaking moment. We’ve been closely involved in every step of their integration process. Seeing the impact that ORB can have in a game of that magnitude and the ease of implementation from the developers perspective is giving us even more power to keep going.

Engaging with the Community: Our interactions with chains, game developers, and gamers through podcasts, blogs, and interviews have been incredibly enriching. Sharing the ORB vision has been a journey in itself! If you have missed some of them you can listen to 2 of our most recent ones (Links in comments)

🚀  Looking Forward to 2024:

Releasing ORB to the World: We’re excited to unleash the full potential of ORB! Anticipating how game developers will react and gathering their invaluable feedback is a top priority. It is coming in Q1 and we are thrilled for the launch! 

Unity SDK Release: Expanding our support to game developers with the launch of our Unity SDK. We’re dedicated to making their creative process even smoother.

Celebrating Early Adopters: Embracing our early adopters is a crucial step. We’re eager to see how they experience ORB and are committed to enhancing their journey.

Join us as we step into 2024 with enthusiasm and a commitment to innovation. Here’s to a year of growth, collaboration, and groundbreaking achievements!